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We Understand That Most Patients Are Apprehensive About Oral Surgery
And It Is Our Mission To Provide The Highest Quality Of Care In The Most Professional And Caring Manner Possible

InstructionsPre-Surgery Instructions

Instructions for Your Upcoming Appointment

must bring your medical and dental insurance cards as well as the referral/treatment plan you received from your dentist or dental specialist. Please bring in photo ID.


If you had a recent panoramic x-ray taken by a different provider, please have them email the x-ray. We do not accept paper copies of x-rays. Your insurance may not pay for another x-ray if another dentist or dental specialist already took one and billed for it, leaving you financially responsible for panoramic x-ray in our office so please have it sent to this email.

If you had a recent and relevant 3D CT scan taken, please bring it in to the office on a disc or flash drive. Some dentists have the capability to send entire CT files by way of an online program, which is also acceptable. CT reports or screen grabs are not acceptable; our doctors need to be able to see the entire file.


If you’d like to be sedated for the procedure or would like to speak to the surgeon to know if he recommends sedation, please come to the office on an empty stomach (no food or water at least 6 hours before the procedure) and arrange to have someone, over 18 years of age, pick you up (car service is not a substitute for an escort after surgery). If you plan on being sedated, you must abstain from ingesting or inhaling marijuana for at least one week prior to your scheduled procedure to avoid negative drug interactions.


If your appointment is for consultation only, you do not need to be on an empty stomach.


Please bring in a full list of medications as well as contact information for your primary care physician or cardiologist. If you are pregnant or are on blood thinners, or any anticoagulant drugs, you will require a medical clearance for surgery. If a medical clearance is received, you may or may not have the procedure done at the time of the initial visit. Medical clearance is not a guarantee that the procedure will be performed. Take all of your normal medications on the date of surgery, unless otherwise specified.


If you are over 18, please come to your appointment alone. Our waiting rooms have capacity limitations and are not always unable to accommodate patients and their escorts; escorts should arrive at the estimated time provided by the doctor’s surgical assistants before the patient is sedated. If your escort must come with you to the visit, please make sure they are at the office alone.

If the patient is under 18, they must come with a parent or legal guardian. Court documentation must be provided if someone other than the patient’s parent is their legal guardian.


Any procedure performed in our office must be paid for, in full, on the date of service. We accept cash, credit cards, HSA/flex spending cards, certified checks, and money orders. We do not accept CareCredit or personal checks.

Please Note: all credit card payments will incur a 3% transaction fee.


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