Full Arch Implant Reconstruction


Conventional treatment of failing dentition calls for extractions of all remaining teeth with significant bone grafting and sinus lifts.  There is a typical  6-9 months anticipated healing period while patient wears a complete removable denture.  The implants are then placed and restored in delayed fashion.  The treatment time varies from 9 to 18 months, while patient wears removable prosthesis.  This treatment plan, while highly successful, is often discouraging and frustrating to patients who cannot comfortably eat or smile over that time. Immediate placement and loading of stable dental implants with provisional restoration is a concept that revolutionized implant dentistry.  Patients are able to return to normal function and esthetics utilizing fewer surgical procedures.  Further improvements in dental implant design and prosthetic components are now allowing predictable and highly successful outcomes in immediate reconstruction of entire dental arches.  The popularized terms  such as “All on 4”, “All on x”, “Teeth express”, “Teeth in a Day”, etc. refer to placement of multiple implants along dental arch (with minimal, if any bone grafting) with  immediate delivery of temporary full arch prosthesis.  This prosthesis is firmly secured to the newly placed implants.   Such treatment allows patient to return to normal activity much sooner with minimal downtime and fewer surgical procedures. Please view the video for detailed animation of the surgical procedure.


During the initial surgical consultation, surgeon reviews patients’ medical and dental history and assesses the residual jaw bone utilizing clinical and radiographic data.  Once patient is determined to be a candidate for such treatment, restorative dentist and laboratory technician will begin their assessment and appropriate dental work up to allow smooth transition from surgery to final restorationIn our practice we utilize various techniques ranging from conventional to tilted dental implants placement.  We are also one of the very few providers with appropriate training to place Zygomatic implants for reconstruction of the upper jaws.  We pride ourselves on ability to offer surgical plan that is uniquely customized to patients’ specific anatomical considerations. Immediate placement with temporization not only allows for quicker return to function after a single surgical procedure, it also yields significant financial savings in terms limiting grafting procedures and surgical appointments requiring intravenous or general anesthesia.